I have studied, worked and lived in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. I have worked in teenage education, adult training, translation and international business development for both institutions and commercial companies. Since 2009, I have been a coach and a trainer within OUTSTEP PARTNERS.

I am based in Basel but give trainings and workshops throughout Switzerland and in other European countries. I can conduct my trainings, workshops and coaching reliably in German, French, English and Italian.

I am a member of various national and international coaching and intercultural organizations. In my work, I cooperate closely with a network of associates.

My own understanding of training

I understand my work as a trainer as a facilitator for participants to expand their range of skills. For the participants, the purpose is to improve the quality of their work, the collaboration among each other and their contribution to the company. My challenge is to customise trainings to their expectations, level of knowledge and immediate needs. Content and activities have to be relevant and the learning sustainable, therefore I design and facilitate trainings based on three pillars: cognitive, practical and experiential (activities).

Methods and background

  • Work with groups and individuals according to biopsychosocial systems (spiral dynamics)

  • Paradigm and perspective shift, helicopter view

  • Systemic, holistic, process-orientated and goal-orientated methods influenced by:

    • Gestalt therapy

    • Spiral dynamics®

    • Theory U®

    • Psychosynthesis (coaching and counselling)

    • Systemic family and management constellations

    • Non-Violent Communication

    • Crucial Conversations® Transactional Analysis

  • Various intercultural certifications (including C.O.A, I.D.I.) MORE

"Win-Win is our aim"

Listen and speak from the heart.

Regardless of who is right and who is wrong.

This is the key for satisfactory and fruitful communication. In non-violent communication, if we listen to our needs, we can connect to our own thoughts and feelings and to those of others. The connection between what resides within us and within others helps us to solve problems and resolve conflicts.

Do you have management issues like strategy development, marketing, product development or service development? With management constellations, you can simulate the implementation and effects of different scenarios before you make a decision. You can involve all relevant parties in the process of searching for a solution, so that everyone can gain an insight, share implicit knowledge and contribute towards a mutually beneficial solution.

MBTI certified

C.O.A. certified

Crucial Conversations®

I.D.I. certified

Training languages

  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Italian

Industry knowledge and target group experience

  • Pharma

  • Banking

  • IT

  • Furniture and home accessories

  • Education

Target group

  • Global companies, global teams

  • Expatriates and spouses

  • Migrants, refugees

  • University students

  • Social workers working with migrants


Effectiveness and humanity in the work of Social workers with migrants in the Canton of Aargau, Switzerland.


Culture and integration workshops for refugee trainees.

Intercultural workshops for supporting staff in the context of the IKEA Refugee Inclusion Programme


Social and professional integration of teenagers. Member of the Foundation Board and responsible for the quality control and cross-cultural trainings of teachers.

HTW Chur

International and intercultural Communication. Lecturer for students in Multimedia Production.

EFRAS / University of Palermo

The boundary between legality and illegality: re-connecting with ourselves.

UNESCO associated schools

Identity issues between Provincialism & Global mindset

You must give birth to your images

They are the future waiting to be born

Fear not the strangeness that you feel

The future must enter you

Long before it happens

Just wait for the birth

For the hour of new clarity

Rainer Maria Rilke

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