away from home

From dreams to reality

Expatriation comes with a total life change that encompasses identity, relationships and emotions. Reality often reminds expatriates of a new psychological and social deal with and for oneself, dear ones left behind and dear ones joining the expatriation venture. This awareness can temper the potential for personal growth and for a unique, amazing experience.

Whether moving in or leaving the country, there are resources to re-connect with yourself and to achieve fulfillment in your “home away from home”.


E, 43

E. currently doesn’t know what to do. Her husband has been offered a new position in China, which would be a good move for his career, but doesn’t look so rosy for herself. She is afraid she won’t be able to find a job there and is wondering what is there for her. She has already imagined all kinds of possibilities, but she is all the more confused and would like to have more clarity. She also fantasises about a possible reorientation, but is at a loss of ideas. A couple of coaching sessions, a self-assessment and cross-cultural training will help her clarify her thoughts, her strengths, regain self-confidence come to a decision and pursue her vision.

L, 46

L. has just arrived in Switzerland following his partner. He was previously working in Supply Chain Management in Asia. He wants to settle in Switzerland and would like specific support in finding a new position. A couple of coaching sessions will help him to adjust the CV according to Swiss standards, understand the Swiss job market, apply for a new position and practice for interviews.

M, 55

M. has worked all her life as a pharmacist. She has just relocated to Switzerland with her husband and her children are now adults. She doesn't know whether she wants to continue with pharmacy or start a new business. Coaching will help her find her vision and prepare for the start-up of her own business.

Address the challenges of expatriation on a personal and professional level and unleash the full potential of this new deal.

I will help you to feel in sync with yourself.