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If you lead from the future, it is easier to see what the obstacles are.

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Whether in size, structure, staff, services, products or processes, organisations are always changing. Resistance to change can really slow things down - even more so in a VUCA world where agility in terms of mindset and behaviour is now a must-have.

While management and leadership focus on strategy and the future, other members of the organisation are usually focused on the past or present in an attempt to preserve their identity and their inner values. To inspire staff is to firstly understand them. What holds them back? What are their values? Their fears? Their expectations? Only then can they be given prospects for improvement, not only for the company, but for themselves.

Every change requires further adjustments, either with people or processes. Change for staff means letting go of familiar behaviours, which often leads to fear, uncertainty and the feeling that identity is being challenged. The more that employees are engaged and inspired, the more they are able to identify with their role and the better they will perform, unleashing their own power from within.

Happy employees perform better than others. To be happy in a team, it is paramount for each member to understand the purpose of the team and their role within it. It is important that they maintain a strong team spirit that they believe is in-tune with their individual values. They must feel they can communicate freely in an atmosphere of trust. Genuine commitment and contribution to teamwork are thereby intrinsically motivated, a motivation driven by inspiration and fulfilling our potential.

Appropriate measures can support you and your staff.

    • How to manage staff in difficult situations?
    • How can we prevent destructive energy from developing within a team?
    • How to encourage people to keep pace with changes in spite of resistance?
    • What happens when a project ends? How to retain and motivate employees?
    • How to support efficient and successful global communication?
    • How to align job descriptions and behaviours to the company's changing strategies and values?
    • How to increase the resilience of both?

Cultural fitness

"People are disturbed not by things, but by the views which they take of them."


It is imperative that organisations ensure the success of international assignments. All too often, the transition is not as smooth as expected. New challenges and changes request the attention and energy of the employees and their families. Our culture is like water to a fish: it sustains us and we live and breathe through it.

Employees need to feel like 'a fish in the water' in order to perform to the best of their abilities. Cultural fitness is a preventive program to avoid culture shock, culture clashes and burnout for international employees.

Cultural fitness

MBTI certified

C.O.A. certified

Crucial Conversations®

I.D.I. certified


Your organisation, your team and your situation are unique.

I facilitate tailor-made workshops in the following areas:


  • Relocation
  • Repatriation
  • Working in global teams
  • Business across cultures
  • Intercultural communication and competence


Cultural integration of practices and values in mergers of differing corporate or team cultures after reorganisations, mergers and restructuring


  • Personality development
  • Motivational strategies
  • Personal assessment
  • Self- and time management
  • Decision-making skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills


Liberate the team soul

"A boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing their own way.”

Swahili proverb


Addressing and resolving intra and interpersonal dynamics with a win-win approach


Dealing with transition, transformation and reactions to change


Increasing resilience and improving self-management


Leading from the future for better decisions


  • Transition situations
  • Family/systemic constellations
  • Inner team
  • Personal, spiritual and existential crisis



A team leader, 50, has problems managing his team. Each team member seems to be working for themselves and having a cohesive team that is animated by solidarity and vision sounds very challenging. After a couple of coaching sessions for him and a team development workshop for his staff, the team seems to be on a much better track.


A fast-expanding business is having problems with their foreign suppliers. It is not clear what is happening, but promises are not kept, delivery deadlines are not met and quality is not as expected. Despite all their efforts, there is no improvement. Finding a mutual language is not enough, but a training on cross-cultural competence and communication helps.


Since the merging of two small companies, the staff cannot identify with the new corporate culture. Many think it is both chaotic and confusing. A workshop on corporate culture helps them reconcile with the vision, mission and values of the new company, as well as their role.


After the departure of many staff members from the company last year, the spirit has changed and people are feeling uneasy. The remaining staff do not know whether they should stay or seek a new job elsewhere. Many have resigned internally and do not perform as well as they have before. The top management don't want to lose their people and want to understand what is happening and how to motivate their staff. A tailor-made simulation helps understand the system dynamics and various interventions that can motivate and infuse new life into the staff.


All team members are very dedicated but their team spirit is missing, as they are all busy with their own clients. A team building workshop strengthens the cohesion of the team and reveals a mutual vision.

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