Release blockages. Gain insights. With the help of a systemic constellation.

Many people attend systemic constellations because they want to "function" better in a certain area. They are often amazed when they realise that the result is not limited to functioning, but rather transforms their inner being.

Systemic constellations are short interventions that lead to a long-term, sustainable change in our attitude, in our being. This is not about an intellectual understanding. It is about a much deeper transformation and personality development. With systemic constellation, also often called family constellation, you have the chance to go past your downsides.


We are constantly publishing new offers for online seminars on systemic constellations and offers on non-violent communication.

Individual sessions

We also offer booking of online single sessions - just for you. The price for a single session is CHF 130 for 90 minutes.

Dates can be chosen freely. Please contact me.

Bruna Toubia

Please contact me without any obligation.

I am very happy to assist you with whatever you need. If you would like to register, you can do so as well.

How can a systemic constellation help me?

Systemic constellations can help you to get clarity about a recurring concerns.

  • Gain new insights into possible solutions by changing perspectives.

  • Simulate and experience different options and thus make better, more coherent decisions for yourself.

  • Reveal inner images and invisible connections and to perceive imbalances and develop new inner images more quickly.

Technical requirements

What are the technical requirements for online constellations?

Technical requirements: PC or Mac, Firefox or Chrome browser with access to a webcam and microphone. Mobile phones and ipads are not suitable. This is because the screen is too small and it is difficult to "move" on a whiteboard. Please also make sure you have some quiet time.