"Such a wonderful trainer and coach. I experienced professionalism at its peak"

Kenyan Participant, working in Pharma

"Bruna is excellent. I like that she provided simple examples to understand the concepts and she was very open for questions. Also, she is very easy to talk to."

Mexican Participant, working in Pharma

"Bruna has a lot of experience in different cultures, it was great to hear it from an expert."

Slovenian Participant, working in Pharma

"Meaningful examples, simple approach, enjoyable demeanour, relevant discussion"

British Participant, working in Pharma

"Very sharp, cultured and skilled trainer with an empathetic insight into the issues of the trainees. A very nice day overall!"

Italian Participant, working in Pharma

"Skillful at tailoring and addressing concerns and topics that may be most relevant to the employee"

American Participant, working in Pharma

"She was great - never in a hurry; listened; was nice to let me talk and discuss specific examples. Much better day than I had anticipated - really valuable."

American Participant, working in Pharma

"Vivid, joyful and enthusiastic way to present."

German Participant, working in Pharma

"Bruna did a great job making the topics relevant to us. She reads people well and incorporates participants' input into the training."

American Participant, working in Pharma

"Very pleasant, I spent a highly interesting day, above my expectations"

German Participant, working in Pharma

"Bruna is a very enthusiastic person making the training a very interesting session."

Indian Participant, working in Pharma

"Appreciate so much Bruna's well preparation and introduction with personal experience and sharing. The training is much better / helpful than expected."

Chinese Participant, working in Consumer Health care

"Bruna has a mastery of her subject - plus passion and impressive stamina."

American Participant, working in Banking

"Very well structured and the consultant is excellent in delivering the message"

Korean Participant, working in Banking

"Consultant was great. Time just flew!"

French Participant, working in Banking

"Excellent, I wish my wife could have attended."

British Participant, working in Banking

"Very patient, well-prepared, very open-minded"

Romanian Participant, working in IT

"Trainer well-prepared and open to listen"

Participant working in IT

"It was great. Thank you so much!"

German Participant, working in Automotive

"Bruna is very knowledgeable, she was able to explain everything clearly and understandably. She always used examples that helped us understand exactly what we were discussing."

American Participant, Partner program

“Bruna sees the big picture and all the small parts. She knows exactly where to focus on. Her resourcefulness (good questions and very relevant tools) was very helpful and boosting. She is a great listener. Thanks to that, she was able to make me understand what I want. “

“Thanks to her professionalism and her sense of analysis, Bruna has been able to make me move ahead. She has a deep sense of pointing out clearly accurate things and offering ways of thinking and working on relevant issues.”

“Bruna is not only a great professional consultant, but also a very nice person. She helped me understand the working conditions in Switzerland and take the most reasonable and correct decision for my career. She was always very friendly and supportive to me. I really appreciate her help and advices.”

Bruna is an endless source of tips and useful tricks, very valuable in order to build and structure a successful path in your new day-to-day and professional life.”

“I am very happy I did the program as it really gave me the get up and go to start my business. All the help and support made it feel positive. Bruna was great.”

“She was able to detect what was important for me. Her enthusiasm to support me and the trust in my capacity to develop my business were so valuable.”

“Bruna has been supportive, caring and resourceful the whole period of this program. She has provided useful and informative information especially on local job market and worked with me to improve my cover letters, CV and interview preparation.”

“Support provided in a wide range of areas.”