Every human being, every organization has its own wisdom and the resources needed to achieve his or its vision. Conflicting energies can block people and organizations and it is often difficult to understand what is happening.

In order to grow and evolve a step out helps to look at all energies and to acknowledge them. Only then it is possible to accept and integrate them, transform them in such a way that their positive side emerges.


Who you really are

Give space to all your deepest aspirations, to all facets of your personality and learn how to transform contradictions and inner conflicts so that they can enrich your life and your inner self.

The founder of psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli, inspired by his work with Sigmund Freund and Carl Gustav Jung, was convinced in 1909 that self-actualization had to do with “being actually oneself”, with all conscious and unconscious contradictions. Recognizing, understanding and clearing away what is disturbing and stopping one from self-actualization build up our awareness and help understand and realize the purpose of life.

Our inner life and outer reality both influence each other. Psychosynthesis with its holistic approach takes into account emotions, feelings, body, mind and soul as well as the potential and the vision of a person within his or her environment.

Psychosynthesis can be applied in various fields: Personal development and empowerment, psychotherapy, health, business, science, education, relationships and politics. It helps raise awareness and understand, accept, integrate and transform obstacles in such a way as to achieve wholeness and connectedness with oneself and the environment.

Roberto Assagioli was born in Venice in 1888. He graduated in neurology and psychiatry in 1910 in Florence, were he spent most of his life. Apart frm Italian, his mother tonge, he was fluent in German, English, French and learned Greek, Latin, Russian and Sanskrit. He was inspired by various disciplines and fields, like medicine, education and religion, mainly by Eastern and Western mysticism.

Roberto Assagioli

Systemic Constellations

Systemic constellations focus on the system dynamics of interpersonal or intrapersonal issues. They help improve and resolve tensions, conflicts and stress situations that are part of our daily life and growth. Systemic constellations offer help, insights and possible solutions in the different fields of private life: family, relationships, work and health, whenever a past or present situation makes it difficult to focus on the future.

Systemic constellations can be offered one on one in individual counselling or in workshops.

Transactional Analysis

I'm OK and you are OK.

Transactional analysis (TA), developed by Eric Berne, focuses on all kinds of relational problems, e.g. aggressiveness, shyness, extreme reactions. The aim of TA is to increase awareness on what triggers unbalanced relationships (reactions, feelings, behaviours) and to overcome obstacles in personal development.

TA works both on the personal level (attitude, life positions) and on the interaction level (transactions, dynamic interactions). The distinction between all three Ego-states (Parent-Ego, Adult-Ego and Child-Ego) helps understand our instinctive way of handling all kinds of situations and gives hints on how to improve this whenever we feel uneasy, stuck or frustrated in our relationships.

Management Constellations

Leading from the future

You have management issues like strategy development, marketing, product or service development.

With management constellations, you can simulate the implementation and effect of alternatives and the different scenarios before you make a decision. You can involve all relevant parties in the search process of a solution so that all can gain insight, share implicit knowledge and contribute to a win-win solution.